3 tips for a Private wedding plans in Bali villa


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Holding a wedding requires a lot of preparation time and draining concepts and ideas. It is also not a preparation that can be rushed over overnight, so it must be very well designed. Not only does it make your event a success, but also manages your budget optimally. Bali villa wedding The Surga is a paradise for the bride and groom if you follow these 3 tips for holding a wedding here!

4 Tips for Holding a Wedding Party at the Island of the Gods Villa

1. Planning and Preparation

We recommend that you plan a wedding with the help of a wedding planner or what is popularly called a WO. In some cities, local WOs are available with varying prices, so they can be tailored to suit your pocket. Guaranteed not to dry out the bag, it can actually manage an event very well. Starting from the initial process, such as proposals to the day of the wedding at the famous Bali Villa The Surga is very enchanting.

Not only asking for concepts, you can also negotiate with the wedding planner so that the event you dream of can come true. Bali villa wedding is the best place for those of you who want a very intimate and private wedding party. However, budget management and the concept of the event must be managed properly. Choosing a local WO can help you to make the party run smoothly, including a villa survey to match the concept being carried and the number of guests who come.

2. Budget Determination

Tips that should not be missed, namely the budget for one event concept. That way, you will be much easier to choose each element to realize the desired party concept. The choice of this villa also depends on the budget you choose, because there are several choices of villas and their facilities. The right way, namely planning a party with three budget plans, namely minimal, medium, and unlimited if you have an excess budget.

3. Wedding Package

To tie a sacred promise in front of two witnesses, of course, you want something memorable. Therefore, using the services of a wedding planner is much more economical because a complete package is available. A Bali villa wedding accompanied by an outdoor concept will be much more memorable and become a new color for those of you who are bored with the monotonous fast marriage. Not only does it have a unique concept, but also a beautiful location and view as a background for your wedding venue.


Weddings are generally held in a building or hotel, but now there is a breakthrough or a new option. Villa is the right party venue for those of you who want a very beautiful location, namely the island of Adults. This island, which is well known to foreign countries, has a panoramic view that is second to none, making it perfect for carving unforgettable special moments. The choice of Villa The Surga is the right thing because of the friendly price and complete facilities.

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